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Hi! My name is Stefanie and I love a lot of things, but most of all, I love working with people and being creative. I have an extensive background in customer service and believe it or not, technology. While technology may be on the opposite spectrum of event design, I have an underpinning passion for the creative arts. My education is in fine arts but I’ve found a successful path in technology. 


I began my journey at an undergraduate art school program focusing in furniture design. This allowed me to learn about different eras and the styles that came out of them. I’m able to use my art education to blend different styles with a modern twist to create innovative and exciting designs. 


After spending years in a corporate environment, I started to realize that art no longer played an integral part in my life. I had stopped creating, but grew in professional ways I never would have imagined. 


Not to say that one is better than the other, but I believe the corporate years allowed me to gain invaluable skills like project management, the ability to develop and work with all different types of people, and of course interpersonal development. All these little moving parts have shaped the vision that is now Pinky Swear Studio.

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